Win a Gourmet Gift Basket From the Detroit Basket Company

Are you a Detroiter?

We have teamed up with The Detroit Basket Company to give away a  Boston-Edison Gourmet Gift Basket to one lucky winner.  The Boston-Edison  Gourmet Gift Basket Contents Include: Better Made Chips, Cheese Popcorn, Caramel Corn, Faygo Pop, Germack Fit Trail Mix, Vernors, Sanders Hot Fudge, Sweet Lorraine’s Poppy , Seed Salad Dressing, Avalon Cookies, Firebrand Candle, Detroit Postcard, Detroit Keychain/Bottle Opener, Reusable Galvanized Drink Tub and much more.

Detroit Basket Company

About Detroit Basket Company.

Erika Beauchamp, founder and CEO of Detroit Basket Company, has always had a passion for Detroit. Born and raised in Rochester, Michigan, her love for all things Detroit began at an early age. With parents who were born in downtown Detroit, every weekend was spent downtown at a venue for the arts, museum or sporting event with her family. Erika has her Bachelor of Arts degree from Western Michigan University, is a licensed real estate agent, has worked in the wine industry, and has thrived in new business development. After years of helping others in the Detroit area find their homes and business potential, Erika has refocused her attention on her true passions; creative arts and the city of Detroit. Erika sees that Detroit is a raw landscape of intense creative talent, American made products that have stood the test of time, and new Detroit brands that showcase the ingenuity and spirit of Detroit. Her vision is to share that Spirit of the “D” with America.


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About the Giveaway

The Detroit Basket Company Giveaway Includes :

  • 1 Boston Edison Gift Basket
    • Contents Include:
      • Better Made Chips
      • Cheese Popcorn
      • Caramel Corn
      • Faygo Pop
      • Germack Fit Trail Mix
      • Vernors
      • Sanders Hot Fudge
      • Sweet Lorraine’s Poppy Seed Salad Dressing
      • Avalon Cookies
      • Firebrand Candle
      • Detroit Postcard,
      • Detroit Keychain/Bottle Opener
      • Reusable Galvanized Drink Tub
      • Personalized Card
  • It runs from 2/1/15 thru and ends on 02/17/2015 11:59:59 PM
  • Winners will be notified via our Newsletter, email or social media.


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        Detroit Basket Giveaway